Construction Equipment Systems Technology A60450

Pathway Description: Curriculums in the Mobile Equipment Maintenance and Repair pathway prepare individuals for employment as entry-level transportation service technicians. The program provides an introduction to transportation industry careers and increases student awareness of the diverse technologies associated with this dynamic and challenging field. Course work may include transportation systems theory, braking systems, climate control, design parameters, drive trains, electrical/electronic systems, engine repair, engine performance, environmental regulations, materials, product finish, safety, steering/suspension, transmission/transaxles, and sustainable transportation, depending on the program major area chosen. Graduates of this pathway should be prepared to take professional licensure exams, which correspond to certain programs of study, and to enter careers as entry-level technicians in the transportation industry.

Construction Equipment Systems Technology: A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills in the field maintenance and repair of construction equipment, and in the general maintenance and overhaul of such equipment. Includes instruction in inspection, maintenance, and repair of tracks, wheels, brakes, operating controls, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, electrical circuitry, engines and in techniques of welding and brazing.

Number of credit hours required for this program:

General Education Requirements

English Required

Take 3 credits from ENG-112 ENG-113 ENG-114.


Take 3 credits from MAT-110 MAT-143 MAT-152 MAT-121 MAT-171.


Take 3 credits from PSY-118 PSY-150.


Take all of the following ENG-111.

Major Requirements

Core Required

Take all of the following TRN-110 TRN-120 TRN-140.

Required Courses

Take all of the following HYD-110 HYD-134 PME-117 PME-118 PME-221.

Other Major Requirements

Other Required Courses

Take all of the following HET-110 HET-114 HYD-210 MEC-111 TRN-120A TRN-140A WLD-112 WBL-122.


Take 2 credits from CIS-110 CIS-111.

Construction Electives

Take 2 credits from HET-115 HET-125 MEC-112 WBL-112.

Other Requirements

Student Success

Take 1 credits from ACA-111 ACA-118 ACA-115 ACA-122.