Working Smart - Soft Skills for the Workplace

Working Smart:  Soft Skills for Workplace Success is a five-module, 16-lesson soft-skills curriculum taught over 24 hours.  The five modules are:  Self Awareness, Self-Management, Work Ethics, Communication Skills, and Problem-Solving Skills.  Individuals who complete the training will receive a program certification.  Fee waivers for the registration fee and the $5 technology fee are available for qualifying individuals.   More details about the program can be found by visiting:

Section #29015    8:00 am-noon   Mon & Wed   

Sept. 11-27, 2017   Fee:  $70 registration $5 technology fee       24 hours   BCCC8 823

For more information regarding these courses, please contact:
Penelope Radcliffe, Director of HRD & Workforce Initiatives
Beaufort County Community College, Building 8, Room 804
Phone:  (252) 940-6307
Fax:  (252) 940-6254