Recently we’ve read about the Danish tradition of hygge (pronounced hue-gah). Hygge speaks to the ethos of cozy, comfortable living and sharing a warm environment with those you love. Our chef, Morten Hoj, is a native Dane, and he will share with us a wonderful hygge dinner. We will have candle light and lots of delicious food to celebrate the coming holidays. You’ll dine well and enjoy these recipes at home:

Baked Camembert with lingonberries

Smoked salmon with capers, red onion, and fresh dill

Marinated herring with Danish rye bread and capers

Danish shrimp salad with white asparagus and Sherry cream dressing

Pork tenderloin Forestier

Oven roasted baby potatoes

Fresh green beans served with bacon and roasted radish

AEbleskiver, a traditional Danish donut served with lingonberry preserves

Coffee and Kransekage, a Danish almond cookie

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December 7

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