Arts and Crafts

The Pamlico River Quilters’ Guild inspired us to offer this class, and Debby Hodges has made it a great success. This Spring we are expanding the class to 8 sessions to give beginning quilters more experience under Debby’s guidance. Learn the basics of cutting, piecing, sewing seams, and quilting. Debby will address fabric choices and color combinations as you produce a wonderful sampler quilt. We will also visit a local quilting shop. So if you have any desire to learn quilting this is a great start. Book and supplies list available upon registration.

26905 Jan. 31-March 21 Tuesday 6pm-9pm Fee:  $55 24 hrs BCCC8 829

Memory Tree Quilting Workshop
Memory Trees actually involve quilting, embroidery, and applique. They are also very personal projects that encourage quilters to incorporate features of their own life into a beautiful wall hanging or pillow. So, some quilting experience is required, but those who join this workshop will carry home a wonderful project. And they will have the ability to produce Memory Trees for special people they know. Student will learn about the process and start quilting on Thursday evening. They will return for a full day of quilting on Saturday.

26906 March 16 & March 18 Thurs
Fee:  $35 9 hrs BCCC8 829

Make a Barn Quilt
Quilters who have completed our beginning class will enjoy coming together to design, piece, sew, and quilt. Barn Quilts are charming and homey, and the squares may be customized to include personal features from the quilter’s (or gift recipient’s) life. At BCCC we’ve learned that a class full of quilters is lively and charming. If you have some quilting experience this class will be a welcoming place.

26907 April 11-May 9 Tuesday 6pm-9pm Fee:  $40 15 hrs BCCC8 829

Stage Make-up Design
Make sure to join this class if you’re interested in any aspect of the theater. Spend 5 weeks exploring character analysis, make-up design, and application techniques. Participants will create and execute designs for “old age”, 18th Century, Shakespearean, and fantasy characters. Each student will provide his/her own make-up kit, and our instructor, Jeff Phipps, recommends the Ben Nye Cream Base Kit. We’ll provide details upon registration. This class is open to students age 16 and older, and we encourage young actors to learn and understand these essential aspects of character development. Thanks to Arts of the Pamlico for encouraging talent and for sharing the Turnage Theater with us.

26960 Jan. 31-March 2 Tues & Thurs 4pm-6pm Fee: $50 20 hrs Turnage Theatre

For more information, please contact:
Clay Carter
Director of Personal Enrichment Initiatives
Beaufort County Community College, Building 8, Room 806
Phone: 252-940-6357