Join us as we build on the skills mastered in Cake Decorating I and add new features to your cakes and cupcakes. Our instructor, Michelle Daniels, will work with you to further your buttercream skills with reverse shell border, ruffle border, rope border and basket weave. You will learn to work with fondant. Michelle will show you how to make smooth, beautiful, and detailed decorations such as roses, leaves, bows, blossoms, and ruffle borders. And you will assemble a tiered cake. You will also add the following royal icing flowers to your repertoire: Easter lily, poinsettia, and petunia. Supply list is available upon registration.

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March 5-April 16

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6pm to 8:30pm



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For more information or to register, please contact:
Continuing Education Registration & Records Clerk
Phone: 252-940-6375