Excursion Classes

Birding, Backyard and Beyond
On Tuesday evening Jennifer Lewis will share her expertise on creating a good environment for birds in your own yard. She’ll tell us about the species most commonly found in our area and about those rare and wonderful avian visitors which excite the birding community. Appropriate feeders and placement, the best seeds/foods to use, cleaning and maintenance, habitat for encouraging nesting, resources for identifying birds, and other topics are on her list. On Thursday we will travel to Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck, NC. There we will enjoy a guided tour by Lee Peoples, Education Specialist. We will see birds from 5 continents, and many will be in their beautiful breeding plumage. We will learn how Sylvan Heights has become the nation’s finest resource for saving endangered bird species. We will walk about 1 mile on easy paths, and the birds are excellent subjects for your photographs. After lunch in Tarboro we will amble home. Participants will pay for their own lunch. All other expenses included.

26951 Feb. 21 & Feb. 23 Tues & Thurs Tues 6pm-8pm
Thurs 8am-3pm
Fee:  $50 9 hrs BCCC8 826

 Venus Flytraps!!
Eastern NC is the only place where Venus Flytraps grow, and they are the most unique plant in the world. We are also home to four other carnivorous species, and all of these grow in the Nature Conservancy’s Green Swamp Preserve. On Tuesday BCCC’s biology instructor, Chad Smith, will teach us about Venus Flytraps, how they eat insects, why, and their place in popular culture (Feed me Seymour!) He will also describe the other carnivorous plants we may encounter; sundews, pitcher plants, bladderworts, and butterworts. Clay Carter will spend a few minutes on gardening with carnivorous plants. On Thursday the Green Swamp Preserve in Brunswick County is our destination. Our hike will be led by the Nature Conservancy’s Zack West. We will see carnivorous plants and many other beautiful and interesting spring bloomers as we learn about the Long Leaf Pine Savannah. With luck we may also see a Red Cockaded Woodpecker. The terrain is flat and the paths are wide and clear, and the hike is about 2 miles total. So we’ll be ready for lunch in Wilmington. Participants will pay for their own meal. All other expenses are included.

26952 April 25 & April 27 Tues & Thurs Tues 6pm-8pm
Thurs 8am-5pm
Fee:  $55 10 hrs BCCC8 826

 Art in Bloom
Join us for the NCMA’s third annual festival of art and flowers. Floral designers from across North Carolina and beyond bring springtime into the museum’s West Building by interpreting masterworks from the permanent collection in breathtaking flower displays. We will drive to Raleigh for a morning tour of the displays, and we have lunch reservations for a table at Iris, the museum’s restaurant. At 2:00 PM we will enjoy a workshop by European floral designer Francoise Weeks. Her subject is Woodland Design, and she will create a beautiful arrangement as she explains her approach to the subject. Inspired, we will return home to better bring nature’s beauty into our homes. Participants will pay for their own meal. All other expenses are included.

26953 March 30 Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm Fee:  $75 9 hrs NCMA

 Opera, La Traviata

The Fallen Woman…La Traviata is Verdi’s interpretation of Alexander Dumas’ “La Dame aux Camelias.” Violetta, a courtesan who lives a life of free love succumbs to the joy of true love. Her past prevents her from a full life with her swain, Alfredo, and she leaves him bewildered and angry. Finally, true love prevails, and Violetta and Alfredo are reunited before she succumbs. The story, the colorful production by the Metropolitan Opera, and Verdi’s beautiful music make this excursion class a delight for opera lovers and newcomers alike. On Tuesday we will explore the world of Verdi and his operas. On Saturday we will travel to The Greenville Grand to see the high definition broadcast of La Traviata. Price includes class, travel, and ticket to La Traviata.

26954 March 7 & March 11 Tues & Saturday Tues 6pm-8pm
Sat 11am-4pm
Fee:  $60 7 hrs BCCC8 828

 Opera, Eugene Onegin
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s opera travels from the Russian countryside to the glittering imperial aristocracy of St. Petersburg.  It chronicles the transformation of Tatiana from a sentimental young girl to a complete woman in one of the operatic stage’s most convincing character developments. As with his concert works, Tchaikovsky’s music travels from tender to grand to melancholic and back again. He used European operatic standards to produce a work that is authentically and definitively Russian. Such was his talent, and this production by the Metropolitan Opera captures all of it. Tuesday’s lecture by Jeff Phipps will reveal insights into Tchaikovsky and his times. Saturday’s trip to the Greenville Grand for the Met’s Eugene Onegin will be a delight. Price includes class, travel, and ticket to Eugene Onegin.

26955 April 18 & April 22 Tues & Saturday Tues 6pm-8pm
Sat 11am-4pm
Fee:  $60 7 hrs BCCC8 828

For more information, please contact:
Clay Carter
Director of Personal Enrichment Initiatives
Beaufort County Community College, Building 8, Room 806
Phone: 252-940-6357
Email: clay.carter@beaufortccc.edu