Gardening and Nature

Organic Gardening
You will enjoy your garden more when you know it’s a safe and environmentally friendly place. Our Organic Gardening class will focus on sustainable growing methods for both vegetable and ornamental gardens. Billy Ray Askew, Agriculture Technology Instructor at BCCC, will lead you to a new understanding of soil health and nutrition. Learn about composting, mulching, growing cover crops, managing pests, making square foot gardens, and making hay bale gardens. For Spring 2017 we have added two sessions. Judy Keohane of Beaufort County Master Gardeners will lead a workshop on the importance of pollinators in your garden and how to encourage them. Clay Carter will spend an evening focused on vegetative propagation at home and organic rose care. You will finish the course with vegetable, annual, and perennial plants to tend in your own garden.

26941 Feb. 16-March 30 Thursday 6pm-8pm Fee:  $55 14 hrs BCCC8A 100

Growing Mushrooms at Home
If you desire to grow mushrooms because they taste so good, or because they are nutritious, or because they have commercial potential then please consider this class. We will investigate mushroom varieties and growing processes. We will share the resources you need to grow your own mushrooms. And together we will prep, inoculate, and seal a log with Shitake spores for each student to take home. All supplies are included in the registration fee.

26919 March 13-March 27 Monday 6pm-8pm Fee: $60 6 hrs BCCC8A 100

 BeeKeeping Basics
Are you are interested in keeping bees to facilitate pollination in your own garden or farm? Or are you are interested in understanding the importance of bees to our food crops and garden success? Either way, this class will give you a good foundation for beekeeping and a greater appreciation of these vital pollinators. We are fortunate to have Berry Hines Sr., a certified NC Master Beekeeper, and a lifetime keeper of bees to lead this class. In five sessions we will address the biology of bees, hive structure, site selection, beekeeping resources, hive health, pest control, honey extraction, and more. One evening we will visit a beekeeping operation, and students will be allowed to don a bee suit and inspect hives up close. Price includes lots of good honey to sample!

26908 April 20-May 18 Thursday 6pm-8:30pm Fee:  $45 12.5 hrs BCCC8 826

For more information, please contact:
Clay Carter
Director of Personal Enrichment Initiatives
Beaufort County Community College, Building 8, Room 806
Phone: 252-940-6357