Music and Dancing

Carolina Shag Dancing
Tuesday night is date night at BCCC. The Shag is the favorite couples dance in the Carolinas. Please bring your favorite dance partner and come learn this traditional social activity. You’ll enjoy the fellowship in our dancing classroom, and it will not take long for couples to master the basic steps and at least six fun moves. Dance etiquette will be part of the instruction. After this class couples will be ready to confidently join-in at many social events.

26886 Jan. 24-Feb. 28 Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm Fee:  $50 9 hrs BCCC4 102
26887 March 14-May 2 Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm Fee:  $50 9 hrs BCCC4 102

Carolina Shag Dancing-Intermediate
OK, you’ve mastered the basics. Now join this class to perfect your shagging and add more steps to your repertoire. More shagging, more fun. We’ll continue to build confidence with the basics and add new moves. Chris Winstead will lead the class, and you will lead everyone to the dance floor at the next party!

26888 May 16-June 27 Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm Fee:  $50 9 hrs BCCC4 102

 Line Dancing
Our Line Dancing class is very popular, as it should be. We added more sections, and we added some time to each session. Everyone who joins-in has time to enjoy the gentle and moderate exercise. Line Dancing improves memory while you learn the various dances (we’ll go through 20 different styles.) And you’ll enjoy getting ready for weddings and holiday parties. Please join us for 6 weeks of entertaining line dancing. And don’t forget; it’s just plain fun!

26889 Jan. 23-Feb. 27 Monday 10am-11:30am Fee:  $30 9 hrs BCCC 10 Multi
26890 March 13-May 1 Monday 10am-11:30am Fee:  $30 9 hrs BCCC 10 Multi
26891 May 15-June 26 Monday 10am-11:30am Fee:  $30 9 hrs BCCC 10 Multi
26892 Jan. 23-Feb. 27 Monday 5:30pm-7pm Fee:  $30 9 hrs BCCC 10 Multi
26893 March 13-May 1 Monday 5:30pm-7pm Fee:  $30 9 hrs BCCC 10 Multi
26894 May 15-June 26 Monday 5:30pm-7pm Fee:  $30 9 hrs BCCC 10 Multi

Learn to Play Guitar
Dust off that guitar that’s been sitting around and finally learn to play.  You know you can do it. Or maybe you want to refresh the skills you haven’t used in quite some time. With Churchill Hodges’ guidance you’ll be picking and strumming in no time.  He’ll teach you the major and minor chords and how to move between them.  You’ll choose your favorite playing style whether it’s using a flat pic or finger picking.  Various types of music such as Folk, Southern Rock, Blues, Contemporary Christian, Rock, and Blue Grass will be addressed. Each session will include group and individual instruction.

26900 Feb. 6-March 13 Monday 6pm-8:30pm Fee: $45 15 hrs BCCC3 127

Musical Keyboarding
Consider this class as your introduction to piano and other keyboard instruments. Also, consider yourself lucky to have such a great teacher as Scott Bradshaw! During Musical Keyboarding you will develop the ability to play simple tunes on a keyboard. You’ll build an understanding of musical notation and the ability to read and play music. And you’ll enjoy your new skill at playing music for entertainment. We have the keyboards for you to learn on. Just bring your enthusiasm.

26913 Feb. 28-March 28 Tuesday 6pm-8pm Fee:  $55 10 hrs BCCC8 826

For more information, please contact:
Clay Carter
Director of Personal Enrichment Initiatives
Beaufort County Community College, Building 8, Room 806
Phone: 252-940-6357