Special Interest

Small Engine Repair
Become your own repair person, and enjoy learning to fix your own stuff! In this class, students will gain the skills needed to diagnose, repair, and maintain both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. These include weed eaters, tillers, chain saws, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers. Students will receive classroom instruction and hands-on experience.  Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment to our shop for tune-up and repair.

26909 Feb. 21-March 16 Tues & Thurs 6pm-9pm Fee:  $80 24 hrs BCCC8A 103
26910 April 11-May 11 Tues & Thurs 6pm-9pm Fee:  $80 24 hrs BCCC8A 103

 Paul's Letters in a Modern World
Learn about the early days of Christianity by following the travels of the Apostle Paul and reading his letters. This class will explore the times, geography, history, and culture of Paul’s world. His directions for moral behavior and spiritual formation will be applied to current times in this thoughtful and insightful class.

26899 Feb. 22-March 29 Wednesday 10am-11:30am Fee: $30 9 hrs BCCC8 828

 Great Decisions
Great Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs. Each week, the Great Decisions program highlights eight critical foreign policy challenges facing Americans each year. In Great Decisions Discussion groups across the country, participants discuss and debate each issue and complete a national opinion ballot to communicate their views to Congress and the White House. Supported by the Foreign Policy Association for over 50 years, Great Decisions involves citizens in the foreign policy making process.
There are countless benefits to participating in a Great Decisions program, here are a few. Great Decisions:
*Informs participants about world affairs.
*Promotes civic participation through the National Opinion Ballot Report, an annual report compiled from Great Decisions participants’ views on the eight topics.
*Provides participants an opportunity to exchange views with peers.
*Provides framework for community discussion while encouraging an understanding of alternative views.
The 2017 Great Decisions’ topics: 1) The Future of Europe, 2) Trade and Politics, 3) Conflict in the South China Sea, 4) Saudi Arabia in Transition, 5) U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum, 6) Latin America’s Political Pendulum, 7) Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan, 8) Nuclear Security.   This class leader is Andrew Cartee, MAEd , who is an experienced and skillful facilitator for Great Decisions. Each week participants will watch a 1-hour documentary on the topic, review and discuss assigned readings, and participate in an instructor led discussion. A briefing book for the series is highly recommended but not required.

26904 April 4-May 23 Tuesday 6pm-8pm Fee:  $40 16 hrs BCCC3 125

 Lovin' the Grape; Wine Appreciation
Explore the interesting world of wine, including its history, geography, botany, and chemistry. Learn about the many grapes that are used to make wine and the styles of wine that result from their use. Try different combinations of wine and food and learn how to pair and serve wine for a special event. Taste how each region produces wine with particular characteristics and how to identify and describe the styles you like. And learn how to buy wine for the best value and flavor. Each session, held at Wine and Words in Downtown Washington, will include samplings of the wine and food we discuss. You’ll finish this class with an enhanced appreciation for good wine!

26950 March 16-March 30 Thursday 6pm-8pm Fee:  $70 6 hrs Wine and Words in Washington, NC

For more information, please contact:
Clay Carter
Director of Personal Enrichment Initiatives
Beaufort County Community College, Building 8, Room 806
Phone: 252-940-6357
Email: clay.carter@beaufortccc.edu