Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency

Adults with less than a high school education or adults who wish to improve academic achievement may enroll in classes scheduled at a variety of times and places. Students performing from non-reader through eighth grade will start at their own level of proficiency and will be allowed to proceed at their own speed until they achieve their goals. Those students performing on the high school level will review high school materials, including mathematics, reading, writing skills, science and social studies, preparing them to take the High School Equivalency (HSE) tests. For more information regarding orientation please call Heather Collins at 252-940-6298.

9:00am-1:00pm Mon- Wed WCC

For questions or to register, please contact:
Sandy Berry, CCR Admissions and Assessment Specialist
Phone: 252-940-6325

Yashonti Hunt
Workforce & Continuing Education Coordinator