Foreign Languages

Conversational Spanish (Level I)
In this 20-hour introductory course, students will cover Section I in the "Complete Spanish Step-by-Step" textbook.  Section I focuses on Elements of a Sentence using nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives and adverbs, and interrogative words.  Students will also learn days, months, and numbers along with regular and irregular verb usage.  This course will assist the individual in learning how to have basic conversations with clients, the community, family and/or friends.  *This class will also be offered at our Washington County Center in Roper, NC.*
Section #28231    6pm-8:30pm   Thursdays   Aug. 24-Oct. 12   Fee: $50   20 hours    BCCC8 821

No textbook is required. However, students should bring a small 3-ring binder to class as the instructor will provide handouts throughout the class.

Conversational Spanish (Level II)
This 20-hour follow-up course will allow students to continue to master the Spanish language.  Utilizing the textbook "Complete Spanish Step-by-Step", students will cover Section II which includes direct and indirect objects, reflexive verbs, and the formation of the present subjunctive.  At the end of this course, students will have a better grasp on basic Spanish to communicate with coworkers, clients, friends, and/or family.  Prerequisite:  Students must have taken a prior Spanish course to enroll.  Books can be purchased from the BCCC bookstore at a cost of $26.69.  The ISBN is 978-1-259-64341-5.
Section #28320    6pm-8:30pm   Thursdays   May 18-July 6    Fee: $50   20 hours   BCCC8 821

An Introduction to Conversational French
No class is being offered at this time.  Please keep a check on our website for the Fall 2017 Course Schedule.

No funding assistance is available for either class.

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