Conversational Spanish (Level 1)
In this 20-hour introductory course, students will cover Section I in the “Complete Spanish Step-by Step” textbook. Section I focuses on Elements of a Sentence using nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives and adverbs, and interrogative words. Students will also learn days, months, and numbers along with regular and irregular verb usage. This course will assist the individual in learning how to have basic conversations with clients, the community, family and/or

Section #28842 6:00pm-8:30pm Thursdays Aug 24-Oct 12 Fee: $50 20 hrs BCCC8 821

Ms. Penelope Radcliffe
Director of HRD & Workforce Initiatives
Building 8, Room 811
Phone: (252) 940-6307
Fax: (252) 940-6254