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Math, Health, and Physical Education


Our Mission...
"The general purpose of the Mathematics Department is to provide quality instruction to help students to think critically, communicate mathematically, and develop the mathematical skills necessary to succeed in their vocational and/or academic goals"
We believe...
  • All students are able to understand and appreciate mathematics at some level.
  • Students have the right to learn in a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Students learn best from teachers who genuinely care for students.
  • Quality mathematics education is focused on student learning and excellence in teaching.
  • Student learning is enriched when students feel they belong to a learning community and are given the opportunity to interact with each other.
  • Mathematics teaching should focus on reasoning, understanding and problem-solving and be supported by formulas, algorithms, and rote memorization as necessary.
  • Students have different strengths and learning styles and instruction should accommodate all learning modalities when possible.
  • We are committed to incorporating innovative, effective methods of instruction in the mathematics classroom.
  • Appropriate use of technology should be encouraged in the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  • Our department recognizes the value in having diversity in teaching styles. Instructors have the right and responsibility to structure their courses in the way they see fit as long as they adhere to departmental course outlines and objectives.

Health and Fitness