Assoc Gen Ed - Pre-Licensed Practical Nursing A10300PN

Please see your advisor for details about this program of study.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 65

General Education Requirements


Take all of the following ENG-111.

2nd English

Take 3 credits from ENG-112 ENG-114.

Hum/Fine Arts

Take 3 credits from ART-111 ART-114 ART-115 HUM-115 MUS-110 MUS-112 PHI-215 PHI-240.


Take all of the following PSY-150.

Nat Science/Math

Take 3 credits from MAT-110 MAT-143.

Other Requirements

Student Success

Take 1 credits from ACA-111 ACA-115 ACA-118 ACA-122.