Culinary Arts
Certification: Kitchen Cook, American Hotel & Lodging Institute

The Frances Morgan Roberson Culinary Arts programs want to help you start a career in the culinary industry. Spend 6 weeks and learn the basics of working in a restaurant kitchen. You will learn to operate restaurant equipment. Knife skills, cooking techniques, proper sanitation and food storage, working with menus and recipes, managing a station, and cleaning up are all part of this class. Students will develop the skills to be a vital part of any restaurant’s success. Students will participate in our ServSafe® class on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on 9/10. The ServSafe® book with online exam voucher is available online at: Catalog/Product Detail/ESV7. Workplace observation will include working 10 hours in local cafeterias, and restaurants. Students can complete the globally recognized
Kitchen Cook Certification as part of this curriculum for a $50 testing fee not included in registration. Scholarships are available for this class through the BCCC Foundation.

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