Core Values

  • Integrity: Adherence to the highest ethical standards in all professional responsibilities.
  • Knowledge and Wisdom: Lifelong learning among our students, our community, and ourselves.
  • Helping Others: High quality and responsive service to students, our community, and to one another.
  • Quality: High academic standards and quality performance.
  • Trust and Respect: An environment that supports each member of the college community and the respectful treatment of one another.
  • Communication: Open communication and informed opinions within the college community.
  • Teamwork and Cooperation: Diversity among our employees and a working environment that encourages effective collaboration.
  • Innovation: Innovative approaches to every aspect of the College’s service delivery.


Beaufort County Community College will continue to be an innovative community leader, providing an open door to the future through educational opportunity, economic development, and public service.

Reviewed and/or Revised, and Approved:

BCCC Mission Review Committee, 9-10-02, 9-22-04, 9-26-06, 9-30-08, 9-16-10, 1-22-13
BCCC Administrative Council, 9-25-02, 9-30-04, 9-27-06, 10-6-08, 9-29-10, 1-28-13
BCCC Board of Trustees, 10-01-02, 10-05-04, 10-03-06, 10-05-10, 2-4-13


Beaufort County Community College is a public comprehensive community college committed to providing accessible and affordable quality education, effective teaching, relevant training, and lifelong learning opportunities for the people served by the College.

Reviewed and/or Revised, and Approved:

BCCC Mission Review Committee, 9-19-00, 9-10-02, 9-22-04, 9-26-06, 9-30-08, 9-16-10, 1-22-13
BCCC Administrative Council, 10-25-00, 9-25-02, 9-30-04, 9-27-06, 10-06-08, 9-29-10, 1-28-13
BCCC Board of Trustees, 10-03-00, 10-01-02, 10-05-04, 10-03-06, 10-07-08, 10-05-10, 2-4-13

Strategic Directions

Provide courses and support services for personal enrichment and lifelong learning centered around the community’s civic, economic, and cultural needs.

Promote community awareness of programs and services through innovative and targeted marketing to increase enrollment, retention, and degree completion for underserved student populations.

Dedicate resources to support and maintain a reliable, robust, secure infrastructure to capitalize on current and emerging technologies and promote excellence in the teaching and learning environment and all facets of the college.

Support new and existing partnerships with employers, organizations, educational institutions, and economic development agencies to promote the College as a cost effective training resource.

Collaborate with business and industry leaders to introduce cutting edge technologies and provide educational programs which meet the demand for employees with multiple certifications, educational achievements, and soft skills.

Prepare students to succeed in a globally competitive work environment, recognizing the increased use of technology and multi-cultural awareness.

Develop and promote curricula, programs, courses, and prior learning assessments that provide flexibility in entry, exit, and modality to meet the dynamic educational needs and interests of our diverse populations.

Recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff who embrace technology and reflect the diversity of the community, and provide faculty and staff with a wide variety of professional development opportunities.

Reviewed and/or Revised, and Approved:

BCCC Senior Staff, 09-22-14
BCCC Board of Trustees, 10-07-14
BCCC Senior Staff, 10/04/2016
BCCC Board of Trustees, 10/04/2016