Testing Information

Students applying to the Associate Degree Nursing program or the Practical Nursing program will have to complete the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) TEAS test with a minimum proficiency score of 58.7%. A student may complete and submit an application to the Allied Health Coordinator, but evaluation and ranking will occur only after completion of the TEAS admission test shows a proficient level. TEAS scores must be submitted before the May 31st application deadline.

Students will have three attempts from September 1 to May 31 to obtain a proficiency score of 58.7% on the TEAS test. Students are encouraged to prepare for the TEAS test prior to their testing date. As well, remediation services are offered through ATI should a student score less than the 58.7% required minimum proficiency. Students completing TEAS testing at other facilities may have an official ATI TEAS transcript sent to the Allied Health Admissions coordinator, provided the scores occurred on a testing date within the twelve calendar months of the application deadline (May 31st).

Testing will be offered on the campus of BCCC, in the building 12 (Allied Health Building) computer lab. Multiple dates will be offered including evening and weekends. Please see the ATI TEAS link under the Allied Health Admissions website for testing procedures, cost and registration information.

How To Register

Testing Information (ATI Testing)

Testing Dates

February 2018:

Wednesday, February 14th: 9am-1pm

Friday, February 16th: 9am-1pm

Monday, February 19th: 1pm-5pm

Monday, February 19th: 5pm-9pm

Wednesday, February 21st: 9am-1pm

Friday, February 23rd: 9am-1pm

Monday, February 26th: 1pm-5pm

Tuesday, February 26th: 1pm-5pm

March 2018:

Friday, March 2nd: 9am-1pm

Friday, March 9th: 1pm-5pm

Tuesday, March 13th: 1pm-5pm

Tuesday, March 20th: 9am-1pm

Tuesday, March 20th: 1pm-5pm

Saturday, March 24th: 9am-1pm

Tuesday, March 27th: 1pm-5pm

Wednesday, March 28th: 9am-1pm

April 2018:

Tuesday, April 10th: 5pm-9pm

Friday, April 13th: 1pm-5pm

Friday, April 20th: 9am-1pm

Tuesday, April 17th: 9am-1pm

Wednesday, April 25th: 9am-1pm

May 2018:

Monday, May 14th: 1pm-5pm

Tuesday, May 15th: 9am-1pm

Tuesday, May 15th: 5pm-9pm

Tuesday, May 22nd: 9am-1pm

Tuesday, May 29th: 1pm-5pm