Law Enforcement Training

Beaufort County Community College offers a wide range of training solutions to meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies. In-Service Law Enforcement Training is provided to local law enforcement agencies. Courses are especially designed as in-service training for those engaged in law enforcement activities.

Cost of Classes:

The cost for in-service training courses is FREE for sworn law enforcement officers affiliated with a North Carolina Agency, otherwise you will be required to pay the designated registration fee based on the total hours of the class.

BLET Training:

Beaufort County Community College also offers BLET Training. For more information, contact Larry Barnes, BLET Director at 252.940.6228 or

Upcoming Classes
In Service seated classes

March 7 &9th-Legal update-0800-1200-Positive Impacting youth-1300-1500-Narcotics ID for Patrol Officers-1500-1700

March 14 & 16th-Improving Decsion making skills-0800-1200-Protecting our officers-1300-1500-LE Intelligence Update-1500-1700

March 21 &23 DV:Protecting Victims of Domestic violence-0800-1200




First Line Supervision
May 8-11

Radar re-Cert 2017
February 9-10

June 8-9

August 10-11

For more information regarding Law Enforcement classes, please contact:
Todd Alligood
Director of Law Enforcement Training
Beaufort County Community College, Building 10B, Room 104
Phone: 252.940.6405