This 177 hour course provides classroom and clinical training experiences necessary to prepare students to safely and properly collect and handle blood specimens for diagnostic testing. Course content includes, but is not limited to: bloodborne pathogen precautions and safe handling of biohazardous materials, appropriate communication skills when working with patients, selection of venipuncture sites, maintaining venipuncture equipment, performing successful venipunctures, handling specimens, and clerical duties regarding blood analysis. Students will be required to perform venipunctures on each other under the direct supervision of the instructor before they are allowed to progress to patients/clients.

In addition to satisfactory attendance and academic performance, students are required to demonstrate competency in phlebotomy sticks in the lab setting, have and maintain a clear criminal background check along with negative drug tests on record at the clinical site.

Class Time:       88 Hours
Lab Time:          24 Hours
Clinical Time:   65 Hours
Course Length:  177 Hours

Required documentation for course:
Copy of GED or high school diploma
Copy of immunization record with completed Hepatitis B immunization series.

Registration Fee:  $180.00
Malpractice Insurance Fee:  $13.00
Accidental Insurance Fee:  $1.25
Total Due at time of registration:  $194.25
Additional Class Costs:  Required for course.
Textbook: Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Specimen Collection from Basic to Advanced, 9th Edition
Phlebotomy Kit:  TBA                                 
Clinical Uniforms (2):  $35.00 each
White Lab Warm-Up Jacket (1):  $18.00-$25.00
Closed-Toe Shoes (1 pair): $20.00 & up
Background Check Fee:  Varies depending on the clinical site requirement
Drug Testing Fee:  Varies depending on the clinical site requirement.   Cost is student's responsibility.
Current Immunizations:  Cost varies per student
Negative 2-Step TB Skin Test prior to clinical placement:  $15.00-$30.00
Three-Ring Binder Notebook (2 in.)
Notebook Paper

Section #26827
Jan. 9-May 17 Mon & Wed
Fee:  $194.25
177 hours

Section #26828
Jan. 9-May 17 Mon & Wed
Fee:  $194.25
177 hours

Note:  Clinical hours will vary according to individual clinical site assignments.


For more information, please contact:
Jackie Butcher
Director of Healthcare Programs
Beaufort County Community College, Building 8, Room 810
Phone:  252-940-6263