Forklift Training

This class is based on the National Safety Council's (NSC) Forklift Training Program. Students in this class will review an overview of forklift operation, inspection, and safe use ofthe forklift truck. Students will learn how to inspect the truck, and how to determine lift limitations. Students will also learn how to understand the center of gravity and how that goes along with safe operation to properly lift a load. Students will be responsible for demonstrating proper use by completing an obstacle course along with an inspection.

Section #26818   8am-4:30pm   Saturday   May 6   Fee:  $77.25   8 hours  Beaufort Co. Skills Center

Section #27900   8am-4:30pm   Saturday  June 24   Fee: $77.25   8 hours   Beaufort County Skills Center

Section #27901   8am-4:30pm   Saturday   August 12   Fee: $77.25   8 hours  Beaufort County Skills Center

These are one day classes that run for eight (8) hours.  Certificates are awarded at the end of the day, provided students have passed both the written and practical skills test.

Students will be required to purchase a textbooks which comes with a certificate and wallet card from NSC for $6. Textbooks will be handed out in class and will not be sold in the BCCC Bookstore.

There is no funding assistance for this class.



Justin Rose
Director of Industry Training 
BCCC, Building 8, Room 808C
Phone: 252.940.6262
Fax: 252.940.6254