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(Left to right) Asante Marner, Danielle King, Olivia Briley, Courtney Proseus, Terence Roberson, Naw Be Bee Moses, and instructor Joshua Maynor.

Medical Lab Techs Celebrate with Pinning

Six students were pinned in celebration of their completion of Beaufort County Community College’s medical laboratory technology program. The ceremony lauded the successes of Olivia Briley, Danielle King, Asante Marner, Naw Be Bee Moses, Courtney Proseus, and Terence Roberson. While the students held their own ceremony, they also will also participate in the Class of 2023 Commencement Ceremony at Washington High School on Thursday, May 11.

The medical lab tech program is a two-year associate degree program in which students learn to work in a clinical laboratory setting. Students study topics such as blood typing and transfusions, how to identify and count red and white blood cells and how to measure chemicals within the blood. Not only do they deal with blood work, they also learn how to identify infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Often when a patient visits a doctor’s office or hospital, from routine check-ups to serious illnesses, there is lab work involved. Blood and urine samples are used to diagnose and monitor diabetes, heart, liver and kidney diseases. Without the work of lab technicians, doctors would have little to talk about with their patients besides their symptoms and outward appearance. Lab work helps narrow down the diagnosis.

During the pinning ceremony, Joshua Maynor, lead instructor for medical laboratory technology, highlighted the accomplishments of Olivia Briley and Terence Roberson, both of whom received the Outstanding Student Recognition Award. Briley and Roberson are graduating with 4.0 grade point averages.

Maynor also acknowledged Naw Be Bee Moses as recipient of the Art Keehnle Award, given to outstanding graduates of Beaufort’s medical lab tech program. The student juggled motherhood while attending the program.

Graduates of the medical lab tech program may work in a hospital or physician’s office laboratory, public health agencies, veterinarians’ offices, and industrial, research, and pharmaceutical laboratories. To complete the program, students must take four semesters of coursework on campus and complete one semester of clinical rotations at local hospital affiliates.

Future students have until June 1 to apply for the medical lab technology program. For more information about the medical lab tech program, contact the Advising Center at 252-940-6353.