Beaufort County Community College offers registered curriculum students an email account to use while enrolled at BCCC. BCCC uses Microsoft Office 365 to receive mail messages, appointments, tasks, notes, and attached files.

Access Office 365 Email and Apps

Student Login Procedure

User Name / Email Address: First Name + Middle Initial (if any) + Last four Digits of your Student ID @

Example: For John Michael Smith. Student ID: "123456" the username for email would be

Password: enter just your last six digits of your social security number.

Example: 654321

Note: Your Blackboard username does not include the see Logging into Blackboard

"Tip: If you have difficulty, try any middle initial we may have on file or dropping it altogether. You may also try six zeroes (000000) as your password in the event we don't have an SSN on file for you. If that is the case, please contact the Admissions Office to update your SSN."