Core Values

  • Teaching and learning as the means for improving individual lives and the communities we serve.
  • Individual human worth and the expression of the individual human spirit.
  • Community as the fellowship of local individuals, families, businesses, and other organizations through and for which the college seeks to make a positive impact.
  • Diversity as a pathway to gaining the multiple perspectives necessary for understanding our world.
  • Access to higher education by people from all backgrounds as critical to individual success and to the viability of a self-governing, democratic republic.
  • Quality as the measure of individual and institutional success in student attainment of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Affordability as an essential requirement for an open door community college and a necessity for ensuring access from all segments of society.
  • Civility as the medium in which individuals from all backgrounds may engage without fear of retribution in dialogue about issues ranging from the future of the college to the state of the world at-large.


Beaufort County Community College will be an innovative community leader that promotes economic and social mobility through educational opportunities linked to workforce development, public service, and cultural and personal enrichment.

Reviewed and/or Revised, and Approved:

BCCC Mission Review Committee, 9-10-02, 9-22-04, 9-26-06, 9-30-08, 9-16-10, 1-22-13
BCCC Administrative Council, 9-25-02, 9-30-04, 9-27-06, 10-6-08, 9-29-10, 1-28-13
BCCC Board of Trustees, 10-01-02, 10-05-04, 10-03-06, 10-05-10, 2-4-13, 4-3-18


Beaufort County Community College is a public, comprehensive community college that provides open-door access to university transfer, workforce development, and life-long learning programs for the people of Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington Counties

Reviewed and/or Revised, and Approved:

BCCC Mission Review Committee, 9-19-00, 9-10-02, 9-22-04, 9-26-06, 9-30-08, 9-16-10, 1-22-13
BCCC Administrative Council, 10-25-00, 9-25-02, 9-30-04, 9-27-06, 10-06-08, 9-29-10, 1-28-13
BCCC Board of Trustees, 10-03-00, 10-01-02, 10-05-04, 10-03-06, 10-07-08, 10-05-10, 2-4-13, 4-3-18

We Aspire to:

    Break the cycle of poverty:
  • Create hope and human dignity through access to post secondary education and greater access to gainful employment.
    Grow the middle class:
  • Collaborate with business and industry to train and retrain workers for the local and regional economy.
  • Collaborate with local economic development agencies to recruit and retain business and industry that will provide sustainable employment and a living wage in the service region.
  • Collaborate with universities to strengthen transfer agreements and the overarching on-ramp to the baccalaureate.
  • Collaborate with school systems and other organizations to enhance the social capital of school-age children and parents.
    Promote self-sufficiency and economic independence
  • Reduce dependence on public and private social programs through gainful employment.
  • Increase expression of individual human will through entrepreneurship and fiscal self-reliance.
    Improve quality of life for all citizens
  • Provide life-long learning opportunities for residents of Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington Counties.
  • Enhance public schools, transportation, and health care through economic development based on college-led workforce development (i.e., increased tax base).
  • Serve as a cultural and wellness resource for the region.

Strategic Plan

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