The Student Government Association is the voice of the students, and we are all part of this organization. We have SGA for many reasons; one of which is to have our voices heard. Having SGA connects us with our faculty, staff, administration, and our community.

2023-2024 SGA Officers

The pictured SGA Officers are as follows: left to right: 'President' Sha’quandra “Shay” Godley, 'Vice President' Elizabeth Bowen, 'Secretary' Taylor Lootens, 'Treasurer' Skyler Roark, 'Historian/Public Relations Officer' Brandi Keehnle, 'Special Populations Chair' Milton “Phelps” Bennett, 'Parliamentarian' Sahsha Gibbs

Fall 2023 Meetings

October 24
Bldg. 9 Student Lounge

Fall 2023 Events

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SGA President: SháQuandra “Shay” Godley

SGA President: SháQuandra “Shay” Godley

Campus Calendars


Anita Purser
Student Engagement Coordinator
SGA Advisor

Building 9 Office 917