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(Front, left to right) Dr. Cody Chullen, ECU COB Associate Dean for Academy Quality; Dr. Dave Loope, BCCC President; Dr. Michael Harris, ECU COB Interim Dean; and Kevin Williams, ECU COB Director of Undergraduate Programs. (Back, left to right) Dr. Lisa Hill BCCC VP of Academic Affairs, Cynthia King, BCCC Lead Professor for Business Administration; and Ben Morris, BCCC Dean of Business, Technology, and Public Services.

East Carolina University and BCCC Partner on Business Transfer

Students who complete an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Business Administration at Beaufort County Community College (BCCC) through a new transfer pathway will be guaranteed admission to East Carolina University (ECU). The ECU College of Business will grant BCCC graduates in the transfer pathway 60 hours of credit toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) at the university. This program is in addition to ECU’s Pirate Promise and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT), which grant students with an Associate in Arts or an AAS in Information Technology, respectively, with transfer credit. The agreement helps open access to a four-year degree for students who can take advantage of BCCC’s Beaufort Promise Scholarship, offering free tuition and fees for qualifying residents of Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington Counties.

Through the agreement, ECU provides graduates who complete the transfer pathway guaranteed admission and acceptance of appropriate transfer hours, up to 60 credits from the AAS in Business Administration program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Students must have at least a “C” in eight specific classes. These credit hours will include a combination of hours of general education credit, hours of elective credit, or hours of credit toward the major.

Under the agreement, five BCCC courses–BUS 153 Human Resource Management, BUS 139 Entrepreneurship I, MKT 120 Principles of Marketing, BUS 116 Business Law II, and BUS 225 Business Finance–will now transfer to the university’s BSBA . This can save students a full semester of credits during their time at ECU.

Earning a bachelor’s degree can open new opportunities for graduates and set them apart from candidates in competing positions.

“We appreciate ECU’s efforts on this very important articulation agreement with us,” said Dr. Dave Loope, BCCC President. “As one of the college’s largest degree programs, it is crucial that we help those students who want to pursue four-year degrees to do so seamlessly.”

“With such an agreement, AAS in Business Administration students are more likely to make better course choices, and it can save students both time to degree and money,” said Cynthia King, Lead Professor for Business Administration. “It shows a clear pathway for continued advancement.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Beaufort County Community College,” said Kevin Williams, Director of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Business at ECU. “This agreement is a huge win for our students. It will allow them to complete their first two years at BCCC and earn their associate degree. Upon completion, students will enter the College of Business as declared majors, allowing them to take full advantage of the programs, services, and leadership opportunities offered by the college.”

The agreement will help students from BCCC’s service region complete two years of their degree close to home. Qualifying students from Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington Counties can use the Beaufort Promise Scholarship to cover any tuition and fees not covered by financial aid, making those two years effectively free in terms of tuition and fees. Summer semesters and textbooks are not covered by the program. Students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help the college match them with appropriate funding.

Once students transfer to ECU, they may still be eligible for federal financial aid along with private scholarships. ECU will help prepare students to react to the dynamic nature of the business world.

“Pirates are resilient, tough, and have grit. We pride ourselves on the fact that we help to build resiliency in the students so they are ready for life,” said Interim Dean of the ECU College of Business Mike Harris. “We want to make sure you have the content knowledge, the experience, and the connections to the network so that when you have those challenging times you can stay connected to the College of Business.”

East Carolina University’s College of Business provides an engaging learning environment to the leaders of today and tomorrow while expanding business knowledge and serving our communities. The foundation of their mission is the integration of four critical elements: think, value, communicate, lead.

Beaufort County Community College is a public, comprehensive community college that provides open-door access to university transfer, workforce development, and life-long learning programs for the people of Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington Counties.

Students interested in the transfer program should contact Cynthia King at cynthia.king@beaufortccc.edu or 252-940-6331.