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Shelby Phillips, counselor; Serena Sullivan, BCCC Foundation executive director, Anthony Jordan, Dallas Herring Achievement Award nominee, Dr. Dave Loope, president, and Millie Ebron, Governor Robert Scott Leadership Award nominee.

Dallas Herring and Gov Scott Award Nominees Announced

Beaufort County Community College is proud to nominate Anthony Jordan for the Dallas Herring Achievement Award and Millie Ebron for the Governor Robert Scott Leadership Award.

The Dallas Herring Achievement Award was established by the North Carolina Community College System in 2010 to honor the late Dr. Dallas Herring, one of the state’s earliest advocates of community colleges.The award is bestowed annually upon a current or former student who best embodies Dr. Herring’s philosophy of “taking people where they are and carrying them as far as they can go.”

In 2004, the North Carolina Association of Community College Presidents created the Governor Robert Scott Leadership Award as a way to recognize student leadership on a statewide level while also honoring former Governor Bob Scott.Governor Scott served as the State’s chief executive from 1968-1972 and then was president of our system for 12 years from 1983-1995.Governor Scott passed away in January of 2009, but he was very humbled that the system named a student award in his honor.This is an award designed to highlight outstanding curriculum student leadership and service.