Culinary, Substitute Teaching and Spanish Classes Starting Soon

Get trained as a substitute teacher, learn to use American Sign Language or polish your problem-computer skills. These skills can help you earn extra income or work better with clients, patients and customers. Students can apply for fee waivers and scholarships. To register or for more information, call 252-940-6375 or email continuingeducation@beaufortccc.edu. Ask to join the mailing list for the latest updates.

Culinary Arts

The Frances Morgan Roberson Culinary Arts programs will help students start a career in the culinary industry. They spend 12 weeks and learning the basics of working in a restaurant kitchen and learn to operate restaurant equipment. Knife skills, cooking techniques, proper sanitation and food storage, working with menus and recipes, managing a station, and cleaning up are all part of this class. Students will develop the skills to be a vital part of any restaurant’s success. Students will participate in our fall ServSafe® class on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on 10/16. The ServSafe® book is available in the library for $93.94. Workplace observation will include working 25 hours in local cafeterias, and restaurants. Students will complete the Globally recognized Kitchen Cook Certification as part of this curriculum. This class starts on August 28.

American Sign Language

This course will cover a variety of topics related to American Sign Language including history, terminology, and how to interpret in different arenas. Students will receive suggested homework each week to review topics covered. At the conclusion of this course, students should have the knowledge and ability to have basic conversation with the deaf community. The class runs on Mondays starting September 10.

Conversational Spanish

In this introductory course, students will cover Spanish step-by-step. They will focus on elements of a sentence using nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives and adverbs and interrogative words. Students will also learn days, months and numbers along with regular and irregular verb usage. This course will assist the individual in learning how to have basic conversations with clients, the community, family and/or friends. This $70 class starts on September 10.

Workplace Computer Basics

This introductory course is designed to teach students fundamental computer skills with Word and Microsoft Outlook. Students will identify and become familiar with components of a computer system through the use of hands-on application. Students will produce basic documents using the fundamentals of Microsoft Office Word and be able to use Microsoft Outlook as a planning and communication tool. This class starts on September 10.

Substitute Teacher Training

This course prepares individuals to substitute teach in the local county school system. This course provides information on learning expectations, time management, monitoring student interaction and classroom management. The college is offering one last session this year starting September 17 for $70.

To register, call 252-940-6375, or email continuingeducation@beaufortccc.edu.