A group of people holding a big check.
(left to right) Dr. Keith Lyon, Gamma Beta Phi faculty advisor; Dr. Dave Loope, BCCC president; Rhianna Clipperton; Robert Harris, Zion Men's Kitchen and Shelter founder; Leah Beth Warren, Gamma Beta Phi VP; Jared Russell; Darian Stoica, Gamma Beta Phi president; Lisa Hill, dean of arts & sciences; Heather Baughman; and Patrick Baughman.

Gamma Beta Phi Raises $1300 for Damaged Homeless Shelter

Much of Washington has recovered from Hurricane Florence, and some of this is due to efforts by organizations such as Gamma Beta Phi. Through a Walk-A-Thon fundraiser, the academic honor society at Beaufort County Community College raised $1343 for the Zion’s Men’s Shelter and Kitchen, which sustained significant damage from the storm.

“We saw the damage the storm did, and we knew what the lack of services would mean to our community,” said Darian Stoica, president of BCCC’s Gamma Beta Phi chapter. “Organizations like Zion Men’s Shelter help people get back on their feet, but who helps the organization when it faces a disaster?”

The group conducted a Walk-A-Thon around BCCC’s fitness trail and sold chili, hot chocolate and bottled water, while KISS 101.9FM broadcast live from the campus. Sponsors donated to members of Gamma Beta Phi by purchasing a “mile” from them.

“The BCCC community is really good about supporting our Gamma Beta Phi fundraisers,” said Stoica, “and we have a really dedicated membership who are willing to do their part.”­­

The group delivered a check to Robert Harris, the founder of Zion kitchen, and saw the renovations in process at the shelter. The funds will help the organization continue renovations and purchase new equipment. All of the walls, ceilings, electrical work and appliances needed be replaced after Hurricane Florence pushed floodwaters into the building.

Zion has been operating in Washington since 1985. The kitchen serves a hot meal to anyone who joins from 11:00-11:30 a.m. daily. They feed about 30 people per day. It has a capacity to sleep 12, and residents can stay for up to 120 days. They connect the men to community agencies to help obtain job and housing placements in the surrounding area. Zion’s goal is to give the men of Beaufort County a warm and dry place to sleep, as well as a daily meal while they go through a tough period in their lives.

Members of Gamma Beta Phi have to be enrolled at BCCC and must be committed to excellence in education, to good character and to service. They must have completed 12 or more semester hours of college work and pay the one-time national membership fee of $60 along with local dues of $8 per semester. Members cannot have their grades drop below a GPA of 3.2. They cannot be absent from two regular meetings without justifiable excuse. The group will be inducting new members on next spring. Last year, the group has raised money for the Pamlico Rose Institute for Sustainable Culture and the Dr. Nancy Alford Memorial Scholarship.