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Keep It Simple: Antonio Bunn will help small business owners see where their business stands with income statements and balance sheets.

A New Asset for the Small Business Center: Antonio Bunn

The Small Business Center at Beaufort County Community College has a new presenter in its asset column with Antonio Bunn. The financial coach and owner of Influx of Wealth, LLC will combine his experience in banking, payroll and teaching high school to lead a pair of free seminars that will demystify balance and income sheets for small business owners.

Balance sheets list a business’s assets, liabilities and capital in a way that can help an owner see areas of strength and weakness. The Small Business Center has been supporting small and new businesses to create the products and services they set out to provide, and help them to figure out the financial and marketing aspects that can hinder businesses from succeeding.

“Business owners have these big dreams and big ambitions, but they don’t have the data and information to back it up,” said Bunn, “and that’s what these balance and income sheets provide for the business owner.”

Bunn started his business Influx of Wealth four years ago, while he was still teaching financial literacy at J.H. Rose High School. Looking at his balance sheet allowed him to leave his teaching position behind and commit to his business full-time. This is the greatest leap that most business owners will make, and Bunn admits it was a scary step for him personally. His balance sheet made this decision less of a leap of faith and more of a rational decision.

On February 6, Bunn will present Begin to Understand Your Business’s Financials: What is a Balance Sheet? where he will present the components of the balance sheet. He brings his experience with high school students, using Skittles and M&Ms to make an accounting less easy for everyone to swallow. On February 13, he will present Begin to Understand Your Business’s Financials: What is an Income Statement? This will look at a business’s past and present income and expenses so that it can make a profit.

Influx of Wealth, LLC provides bookkeeping, payroll and income tax prep operations along with its financial and credit coaching. Bunn has an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology from Pitt Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Business Education from East Carolina University. He is a native of Belhaven.

Participants should register in advance for these free seminars online or by calling 252-940-6375.