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Nurse Aide I (Front, left to right) Emily Lassiter, Myia Bailey, Rosie White, Leticia Jimenez, Alice Van Staalduinen, Kathlynn Bland and Travis Boothe. (Second row, left to right) Macee Adams, Naquana Distance, Deanna Randalls, Devanie Whitfield and Brittany Jackson. (Third row, left to right) Lindsey Woolard, Aprecious Norfleet, Brooke Bonds and Cortyne Woolard. Not pictured; Rachel Clements, Natalya Coleman, Alice Cooper, Mason Gold, Shanita Gray, Elizabeth Lassiter, Perri Reason.

BCCC sees jump in number of certified nurse aides & healthcare techs

Our aging population requires a growing number of healthcare workers, and Beaufort County Community College is helping a growing number of students fill these positions. The college honored students from the nurse aide I, nurse aide II, phlebotomy and registered medical assistant programs who achieved their certificates. The Continuing Education Division held a ceremony on December 16 for graduates of the summer and fall healthcare programs. The ceremony saw the highest number of certified healthcare technicians in recent years.

Twenty-one students finished the nurse aide I program, five completed the nurse aide II program, five completed the phlebotomy program, and five completed the registered medical assistant program. The NA I program saw 75 percent more certified students than 2018. The RMA program certified 80 percent more students than in the previous year, and the highest number since the college began the program four years ago.

Macee Adams, Kathlynn Bland, Brooke Bonds, Travis Boothe, Rachel Clements, Natalya Coleman, Alice Cooper, Nuquana Distance, Mason Gold, Shanita Gray, Brittany Jackson Leticia Jimenez, Emily Lassiter, APrecious Norfleet, Deanna Randalls, Perri Reason, Alice VanStaalduinen, Rosie White, Devanie Whitfield, Cortyne Woolard, and Lindsey Woolard all graduated from the nurse aide I class.

Jasmine Baker, Nuquana Distance, Lavikina Grimes and Brianna Mackey all finished the nurse aide II class. Nuquana Distance earned both NA I and II certifications during the ceremony.

Graduates from the phlebotomy program included Je’aisa Belcher, Erica Burke, Amanda Doolin, Michael Kendall, Telisha Moore, and Patricia Uzzell.

The registered medical assistant graduates were Shemitria Anderson, Brianna Buck, Jeikeira Cherry, Josie Garriss, Marjorie Griekspoor, Ta’sheria Keyes, Jonathon Lemieux, Quanmesha Peterson and Shaneiqua Wiggins.

Nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for nurse aides to grow by 9 percent through 2028, and the demand for phlebotomists and medical assistants will rise by an astounding 23 percent. Rural areas have a high demand for these fields, as they tend to have older populations in need of routine healthcare and long-term care.

“I get calls all the time from local long-term care facilities who need qualified employees,” said Jackie Butcher, director of healthcare programs, “so it is wonderful that we can give these students the skills to fill those positions.”

Graduates of the nurse aide programs can provide personal care and perform basic nursing skills for elderly adults. Phlebotomy students learn to draw blood. Registered medical assistants can work in locations that require coding and clerical work, along with basic nursing skills.

Students participate in clinical internships as part of the program in locations such as Agape Community Health Center in Washington, Vidant Beaufort Hospital in Washington or Vidant Multispecialty Clinic in Belhaven.

The next programs will start in January. The Darragh Foundation Scholarship is available for qualifying students earning certifications. For more information about BCCC’s healthcare technician programs, interested persons should contact Jackie Butcher, 252-940-6263. See the full Continuing Education Spring 2020 Course Schedule here.

Click on other pictures below to enlarge. (Left) Nurse Aide II: (Left to right) Lavikina Grimes, Brianna Mackey, Jasmine Baker and Naquana Distance. (Center) Phlebotomy: (Front, left to right) Je’aisa Belcher, Patricia Uzzell and Telisha Moore. (Back, left to right) Erica Burke, Amanda Doolin and Michael Kendall. (Right) Registered Medical Assistant: (Front, left to right) Margorie Griekspoor, Josie Garriss, Quanmesha Peterson and Shemitria Anderson. (Back, left to right) Shaneiqua Wiggins, Jeikeria Cherry and Ta’sheria Keyes. Not pictured: Brianna Buck and Jonathon Lemieux.