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Last spring, our team came in second place as they worked with a team from Jordan. Find out more about this exciting opportunity at the info meeting on Sept. 8.

Global Solutions info meeting on Sept. 8

Last year our Global Solutions Team won second place nationally for their early gas leak detection system. Under advisor Cynthia King, a group of students worked with students at a technical college in Salt, Jordan to develop not only the product, but to create a business model for it. Now is your chance to be part of this exciting project. Professor King will host an information meeting on Zoom next Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 1:00 p.m.

The Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge (GSSC) connects students in the United States, Jordan, and Iraq to virtually collaborate on a sustainable solution to a contemporary business challenge. Bi-national teams engage during a six to ten-weeks period to create a sustainable business solution to a challenge identified by an industry partners across business sectors. Throughout the challenge participants will develop workforce skills, network with industry professionals, and participate in a virtual career fair. At the conclusion of GSCC, bi-national teams will submit a video pitch and business plan for their prototype to the Virtual Global Business Expo where the top three finalists will be selected by an advisory committee comprised of industry professionals and educators.

This year our team will be partnering with students from Soran University in Erbil, Iraq. With a population that is equivalent to Charotte, Erbil serves as the capital and cultural and economic hub of the northern Kurdish region of Iraq. With its origins in 2300 B.C., Erbil is about 4000 years older than Washington, N.C. The team from Soran University will be led by English Professor Basan Yaba.

This year brings a new challenge. The Arts and Entertainment industries require sustainable development that meet the need of the present without compromising future generations. How can we create greater sustainability in and/or through the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and profit?

Why join Global Solutions? Even here in our service area, the companies that you may work for could be based in Sweden or Canada. Did you know Food Lion is a subsidiary of a Dutch company? Most businesses operate across the globe, so knowing how to work with teams internationally is a crucial skill, and it looks great on a resume. Students last year had a great time teaching and learning about each others' lives and locations, and found common ground internationally around the dangers of propane gas leaks.

Want to find out more? Cynthia King will host an information meeting on Zoom next Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 1:00 p.m. Contact Professor King at cynthia.king@beaufortccc.edu to get the meeting link.