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Principles of Marketing, Southern Culture, and World Religions are just some of the compact online classes available in October.

More classes added to 8-week online schedule starting Oct. 15

With so much uncertainty around K-12 and higher education, Beaufort County Community College understands that some students may be waiting the semester out, but an expanded selection of 8-week online classes can help them keeping moving forward by taking at least a few credits or adding credits onto their existing schedule. These classes are affordable and transferable, so students who are home from a major university taking online courses may find an affordable alternative. Some of the classes offered have been recognized by Blackboard's Exemplary Course Program.

Courses such as Principles of Marketing, Teacher Licensure, Critical Thinking, Southern Culture, Music Appreciation, Fit and Well, and World Religions are available. Some of these classes have been added to meet the demand for online instruction. Current students can contact their advisor to sign up and new students can talk to admissions. See the full list of classes here. All classes start on October 15.