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Mindfulness and stretching through yoga are a remedy for the isolation of the COVID pandemic.

Coping with COVID series continues with yoga on Feb. 17

In a time of isolation and uncertainty, mindfulness can help us place ourselves in the present, and it can be done safely from home. The Beaufort County Community College Library continues its “Coping with COVID” mindfulness series for its Community Voices series with an online yoga presentation. The gloom of winter drags on, and options for exercise may be limited, so stretching and centering at home may be a great option. The series has featured speakers who will discussed Ayurveda, as well as testing, vaccines, and myths about COVID-19. It was made possible by the Vidant Health Community Benefit Grant. Participants should register for these online Zoom presentations be emailing library@beaufortccc.edu.

The third presentation in the series on February 17 at 11:00 a.m. will feature, Lilly Roberson Jones, a graduate of Meredith college and the North Carolina School of Yoga. Roberson Jones has 200- and 500-hour level certifications and is registered with the International Yoga Alliance. She loves teaching yoga because it fully integrates the body, mind, and spirit. Roberson Jones is passionate about turning people on to a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle that continually challenges them to grow.

Her focus is to encourage both newer and more advanced students to take their yoga practices to a deeper internal level and thus create a deeper physical practice as well. A sense of humor and freedom from ego are always encouraged in her classes. Roberson Jones makes many modifications and options for poses, making her classes accessible to a mixed level group of students so that everyone can have an opportunity to feel challenged but also supported throughout her class.

The class will be an hour long. Bring a yoga mat, water, a strap if you have one or a towel or a blanket for support.

Other sessions in the series include:

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May: Beyond COVID, What Comes Next?