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Student Government Association (SGA) is a great way to get involved on campus.

Music Club, SGA, Men of Success, and other opportunities to get involved

We have lots of opportunities for students to make new connections, serve your community, and pursue your passions. Participating in student organizations helps build your resumé and lets you meet people from across campus. Even if you are not taking in-person classes, we encourage your participation. These student organizations are meeting in the next few weeks:

Student Government Association (SGA)

Come ONE, come ALL!

SGA is your voice on campus. SGA helps plan events for students, encourages participation from other students, and meets other student leaders from across the state.

First Meeting: Noon, Tuesday, Aug. 24 in the Student Lounge in the Student Services Building.

Advisor: Anita Purser- Building 9-917 @ 252.940.6217

Open to ALL enrolled Curriculum Students.

BCCC Music Club

Does music get your head nodding or your feet tapping? You belong in the BCCC Music Club. No experience needed.

First Meeting: Noon, Monday, Aug. 23, Elliott Building (1) Room 119.

Advisor: Christopher Campbell- Building 1-115 @ 252.940.6421

Open to BCCC/ECHS students.

BCCC Men of Success

The power to dream, the power to succeed! This program provides support and assistance to minority males at the college. They work closely with you to ensure academic success through your journey, focusing on economic empowerment, academic enrichment, positive relationships, social interactions, and good choices.

First Meeting: Noon, Wednesday, Aug. 25. Elliott Building (1) Room 111.

Advisor: Jeffrey Egerton- Building 1-111 @252.940.6290

Open to BCCC minority men.

LGBT+ Club

LBGT+ Club is a place for gay, bi, questioning, gender non-conforming, and trans students, as well as their allies and friends. This club is a safe space to discuss current events, personal challenges, family acceptance, and other issues. Participants can come to on-campus meetings as well as off-campus outings. Open to all.

First Meeting: Noon, Tuesday, Sept. 14

Advisor: Attila Nemecz- Building 1-106B @ 252.940.6387

Open to BCCC/ECHS students.

BCCC Environmental Alliance

Protect our living world and explore the outdoors. Discuss current issues, help "green" our campus, go on hikes, and work together with other students to clean up our environment.

First Meeting: Noon, Monday, Sept. 20 in the Elliott Building (1) Room 104 (meets first & third Mondays)

Advisor: Attila Nemecz-Building 1-106B @ 252.940.6387

Open to BCCC/ECHS Students

BCCC Chess Club

Meet other chess players or learn to play chess.

First Meeting: Meets every Thursday from noon-1 in Arts & Sciences Building (3) Room 113

Advisor: Ben Deck- Building 3-123 @ 252.940.6369

Open to BCCC/ECHS Students.

Write On! BCCC Creative Writing Club

It’s fun and all levels of writers are welcome. Participate in writing competitions, share ideas for characters and plots, get help editing your work, and write in community with others.

First Meeting: Thursdays in the BCCC Library (Building 5) at noon.

Advisor: Suzanne Stotesbury- Building 3-107 @ 252.940.6339

Open to BCCC/ECHS students.

These clubs are more program-specific or are for invited students. Contact the listed advisor if you are interested.

Students Striving to Succeed through Leadership (SSSL)

To promote awareness of Student Support Services (SSS), to provide leadership opportunities for community services: to provide avenues for students to exchange academic information: and to foster a sense of community for all SSS students.

Advisor: Dorothy Jordan-Building 9-923 @ 252.940.6287

Open to TRIO participants.

Beaufort County Association of Nursing Students (BCANS)

Beaufort CCC Association of Student Nurses (BCANS) is the local chapter of the professional student nursing association. Anyone who is in the nursing programs here at BCCC are encouraged to attend and join if they would like to be a part of an exciting group of students that are serviced oriented.
Advisor: Penny Glover-Building 12-1236 @ 252.940.6336

Open to BCCC Nursing Students

BCCC Automotive Car Club

To promote group thinking, endorse pride in Automotive Systems Technology, create unity of students past and present in the automotive maintenance field and to raise awareness in the community of new and older automotive technology.
Advisor: Bryan Van Gyzen-Building 2-108B @ 252.940.6329

Open to any student enrolled in the Automotive Technology that meets criteria.

Club Waves (Cosmetology)

Advisors: Dora Scherer-Building 11-08 @ 252.940.6226 and Kim Moulden-Building 11-04 @ 252.940.6469

Open to any student enrolled in the Cosmetology program.

Gamma Beta Phi (GBP)

The BCCC Chapter of Gamma Beta Phi inducts academically excellent students who share the mission of promoting education and providing community service to BCCC and the surrounding communities.

Advisors: Keith Lyon-Building 11-22 @ 252.940.6377 and Anita Purser-Building 9-917 @ 252.940.6217

This club is based on academic performance and only open to invited students.

Medical Lab Technology (MLT Club)

To promote interest in the Medical Tech Program through education and social events.

Advisor: Erica Caracoglia-Building 1-113A @ 252.940.6203

Open to any student enrolled in the MLT program.

BCCC Study Abroad

Come travel with us! Study abroad takes students to countries like Belize and Costa Rica where students can learn about history, culture, and ecology through first-hand experience.

Advisor: Suzanne Stotesbury-Building 3-107 @ 252.940.6339

Open to BCCC/ECHS students.

BCCC Welding

Advisor: Ted Clayton-Building 4-110A @ 252.940.6224

Open to BCCC Welding students.

BCCC Mechanical Engineering Club

Advisor: Josh Kelly-Building 4-104A @ 252.940.6279

Open to BCCC Mechanical Engineering students.

Global Solutions

Are you interested in cultural exchange and connecting with students from all over the world in projects and contest? This may be the place for you!!!

Advisor: Cynthia King-Building 2-120A @ 252.940.6331

This club is only open by invitation. Please contact Cynthia King.