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Registered Medical Assistant: (Front, left to right) Keshia Highsmith, Jordan Tyer, Tiffany Webster, Kendedra Privott, Cortney Bryant, Luenetta Lewis, and Cotina Howard. (Back, left to right) Dondrea Cabarrus, Chasity Leary, Sierra Beale, Naquana Distance, Latrell Anthony, Xiomara Gonzalez, and Ashley Jernigan. Not pictured: Zaere’ Godley, Caitlin Johnson, Amanda Hudnell, Jordan Harris, and Caroll Calloway.

First EKG Technician Students Among Healthcare Technician Graduates

Long-term care and rehabilitation facilities are eager to hire as vacancies in the healthcare field persist. Healthcare technician positions can be a great step in healthcare career as new graduates can gain experience and a steady income as they evaluate their next steps within the healthcare field. On December 14, Beaufort County Community College honored students from the nurse aide I, nurse aide II, phlebotomy, registered medical assistant, EKG/ monitor technician, pharmacy technician, and community health worker programs who achieved their certificates this fall. The Beaufort Promise covers the fees to these classes using a combination of federal, state, and private scholarship funds. Students must apply to access the Beaufort Promise. The ceremony was the first time the public got to see the college’s newly renovated auditorium, and the large number of graduates were supported by a packed auditorium.

Graduates of the nurse aide programs can provide personal care and perform basic nursing skills for elderly adults. Phlebotomy students learn to draw blood. Registered medical assistants can work in a variety of administrative, clerical and medical duties in a healthcare facility. EKG/monitor technicians conduct cardiovascular testing and monitoring on patients. Community health workers help improve health outcomes outside of medical facilities under the supervision of licensed health professionals. Students participate in clinical internships as part of the program in locations throughout the region.

Twenty-four students finished the Nurse Aide I, six completed the Nurse Aide II, nine completed the Phlebotomy, 18 completed Registered Medical Assistant, three completed EKG/Monitor Technician, six completed Pharmacy Technician, and 11 completed Community Health Worker.

Hannah Adams, Breone Carswell, Patricia Daniels, Amirea Gibbs, Elaya Johnson, Amy Jones, Natasha Lawton, Madison Marslender, Ananda Moore, Ebony Moore, Edna Minton, Anna Purvis, Alexis Satchell, Amahja St. Clair, Rosaleanna Sparks, Stephen Tubaugh, Iris Ward, Michael West, Kanecha Whitfield, Ashlie Wiggins, Mary Williams, Michael Williams, Shannon Williams, and Chandler Woolard completed Nurse Aide I.

Evelin Coronel, Valeria Hensley, Jasmine Johnson, Natasha Lawton, Aquichia Nixon, and Jennifer Taylor finished the Nurse Aide II.

Graduates from the phlebotomy program included Jamie Bland, Jamie Dwyer, Aubri Goss, Ka’shauna Harvey, Jeniffer Hernandez, Ni’Quasia McCray, Shanekwa Moore, Brittanie Thompson, and Reshonda Wiggins.

Latrell Anthony, Sierra Beale, Courtney Bryant, Dondrea Cabarrus, Caroll Calloway, Naquana Distance, Zaere Godley, Xiomara Gonzalez, Jordan Harris, Keshia Highsmith, Cotina Howard, Amanda Hudnell, Ashley Jernigan, Caitlyn Johnson, Chastity Leary, Luenetta Lewis, Kendedra Privott, Jordan Tyer, and Tiffany Webster finished the Registered Medical Assistant. (See top of page.)

Essence Foreman, Brittany Griffin, and Jasmine Griffin were among the first at BCCC to earn certifications in the newly offered EKG/monitor technician course.

Tamia Belcher, Briana Butler, Demalia Dills, Kinley Dixon, Daishawna Little, Taonya Stanley, and Oreyonna Whitney finished the pharmacy technician program.

Gary Bateman, Kimberly Cox, Willie Cox, Kadedra Davis, Craig Godley, Brenda Hill, Debra Hill, Shakemia Pope-Cox, Bridget Smith-Butler, Rebecca Spain, and Zachary Woolard earned their certifications as community health workers.

New classes of Nurse Aide I, Phlebotomy, Community Health Worker, and Pharmacy Technician all start in January. New classes of EKG Technician and Registered Medical Assistant will start in February.

These classes are free to qualifying students due to grant and scholarship funding. For more information about Beaufort’s healthcare technician programs, interested persons should contact Jackie Butcher, 252-940-6263.