surgical tools being sterilized
The course supports important behind-the scenes work in hospitals.

Beaufort CCC Offers First Central Sterile Process Technician Course

Beaufort County Community College will offer Central Sterile Processing Technician for the first time, addressing a local need, and a great opportunity, in the healthcare industry. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical instruments and equipment. The course will start on March 19.

The comprehensive program covers a range of topics, including infection control, basic science of infection, sterilization techniques, inventory management, and regulatory compliance required for packaging and storage of reusable surgical instruments and disposable supplies. Students will receive hands-on training, and they gain practical experience through clinicals in the proper handling and processing of medical instruments in relation to chemicals, blood and body fluids, infections, and medical waste.

“Healthcare is a complex field, and there is a place for everyone to ensure the delivery of safe and effective care,” said Jackie Butcher, director of healthcare programs at Beaufort CCC.

The program is ideal for curious students with a good memory who want to work in a behind-the-scenes technical position in healthcare and not directly in patient care. People who have previously worked in quality assurance or even in a manufacturing setting can translate those skills into central sterile processing.

Outpatient clinics and hospitals have a need for the position, and graduates can expect a $30,000 salary. The position can either be an entry into healthcare or a stable career due to the necessity of the position.

Instructor Ericka Lewis will bring her 25 years of experience to the hybrid class that combines in-person and online instruction. The class meets in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-7:00 p.m. and runs through June 4.

The course qualifies for the Beaufort Promise Scholarship, so the registration fee is covered for qualifying individuals.

Beaufort CCC is also offering EKG Technician/Cardiovascular Technician starting February 13. The course is ideal for students who are starting in or shifting positions in healthcare. The college also plans to start offering Psychiatric Technician as a certification course.

See the entire Continuing Education Course Schedule. Call 252-940-6375 or email continuingeducation@beaufortccc.edu to register.