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Classes are available online so students can take classes with them on vacation or take classes from anywhere in the state.

Summer Classes Provide an Affordable Alternative for University Students

Beaufort County Community College is registering now for its summer and fall semester college credit courses. Students at a four-year university may find the college’s online summer courses to be an affordable alternative to keep moving ahead with their education while at home. Many of these classes are designed to transfer back to their university. Students currently enrolled in the college can register now, and students planning to begin in the fall can apply and register, as well.

A three credit-hour summer course at East Carolina University can cost a student about $915, while a three credit-hour summer course at Beaufort CCC will cost only $245, saving students $670 per class they take.

Courses offered include ART-111, BIO-110, BIO-169, BUS-110, CHM-130, CHM 151, CHM 152, CHM-251, CHM-252, COM-120, CTI-110, ENG-111, ENG-112, HIS-111, HIS 131, HIS-132, MAT-110, MAT-143, MAT-171, MAT-271, PSY-150, REL-110, SPA-111, and many more.

Most classes are offered online, and both five week and eight-week courses are available, giving students the opportunity to schedule for work, time with their families, and vacations.

Students can apply for scholarships to cover the cost of tuition and fees, and students may have remaining financial aid that they can use for summer courses. The college’s Beaufort Promise Scholarship covers the tuition and fees of qualifying students who reside in Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washington Counties, but summer semesters are not included. Students who register for more than nine credit hours for the fall semester can qualify for the Beaufort Promise Scholarship.

Visit www.beaufortccc.edu/advising-center to register.