three people, center holding an award
Louis Adams (center) received the Academic Excellence Award, Beaufort CCC's top academic recognition. He is pictured with Dr. Lisa Hill (left), VP of academic affairs, and Dr. Dave Loope (right), president.

Honor Students Recognized, Louis Adams Wins Academic Excellence Award

Beaufort County Community College recognized its top-performing students on April 30. Recognitions focused on the 137 honor students across academic programs who held a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and the winner of the Academic Excellence Award, which went to Louis Adams. The college had 37 more students graduating with honors this year than in 2023. The ceremony also recognized this year’s BCCC ambassadors and the officers of the Student Government Association.

Louis Adams was the winner of the Academic Excellence Award. Dr. Lisa Hill, VP of academic affairs, recognized him with BCCC’s most prestigious award. Adams graduates Magna Cum Laude. Adams, humble and cooperative, excels at math, and when he hits a wall with his understanding, he pushes through. He is someone who has natural talent and a strong work ethic, according to his math instructor Dillon Bunch. He is willing to dig in and push himself forward in his academic journey. With a strong sense of integrity, Adams does not take shortcuts and tries to get the job done right.

Among the 136 students graduating were the 24 with perfect scores of 4.0. The students graduating Summa Cum Laude, holding a GPA of 4.0, are:

Lauren Justice Armstrong Delaney Gannon Lewis
Jessica Leggett Blake Isabella Lane Mabe
Johnny Martin Blaylock Elliot Lee Melton
Samantha Kate Braddy Taliyah Danielle Moore
Aiden Anias Bryant Marcela Pullmanova
Charity Janielle Campbell Isabella Angelique Raig
Keenan Wallace Curtis Lauren Elizabeth Rouse
Tyeshia LaQuaé French Charlotte Oneal Simons
D’Asia Shadae Hyman Heidi Ann Surguy
Elizabeth Paige Koehler Kathleen Paulina Vasquez
Gracie Currin Landeck Nathan Allan White
Madison Marie LeCompte Coleman Williams

Students graduating Magna Cum Laude, holding a GPA of 3.80 – 3.999, include:

Louis Dashiell Adams Laney Klaire Linton
Chloie Lillian Alligood Douglas Christopher Lopez
Marquerite Suzanne Ambrose Hudson David Massengill
Camryn Renee’ Arnold Brandyn Scott McClary
Anna Claire Barrett Heather LeAnne English Milburn
Jennifer Christine Bradsher Mason Steele Newman
Savea Sue Brinegar Marie Antoinette Perez
Chelsea Viviana Cadavid Ava Gray Poole
Jaqwan Kristopher Cobb Rachel Christine Price
Johnny Dewayne Colbert Uryel Marquez Rodriguez
Hardy Ray Corey Mary Lynn Smart
Lora K. Dozier Melissa Tetterton Smith
Jennifer Guthrie Elliott Claire Scott Stevens
Jarrett Caleb Fikes Maria Elizabeth Stotesberry
Joseph Benjamin Foster Anna Douglas Taylor
Austin Thomas Franz Jacob Nicholas Taylor
Katie Marie Godley Alyssa Grace Valdez
Andrew William Harp Parker Thomas Van Staaldunien
Yenisel Bautista Hernandez Candy Alejandra Vega-Gastelum
Jalen Tremaine Hill Lauren Elizabeth Wallace
Brandon Lee House Megan Rae Windley
Carolina Grace Jackson

Students graduating Cum Laude, holding a GPA of 3.5 – 3.799, are:

Cassandra Lee Ambrose Rylee Jade Lewis
Victoria Madison Armstrong Jamie Blair Major
Kimberley Ann Arthur Shannon Marie Manning
Milton Phelps Bennett Garrett Paul McCoy
Shane Biggs Amber Leigh Merrill
Sandy Rogerson Bisson Lauren Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Dawn Bowen Taylor Adam Miller
Jessica Bragg Shelby Rose Molusky
Isaac Michael Campbell Alyssa Katlyn Moore
Briana Carolyn-Jean Chalk Caitlin Nechele Moore
Elijah Thomas Clement Sarah Michelle Page
Tyrus Dale Cole Elizabeth Marie-Goodwin Phelps
Tammera Lynn Cooper Kelli Danae Phelps
Elizabeth Claire Dail Davis Gray Porter
Malika Starr Edwards Jamylah Lanai Powell
Mckenzie Elizabeth Edwards Sierra Mackenzie Ramirez
Ainya Angel Fitzgerald Conetha Shea Ramsey
Tasheyana Flynn Michael Reid
Jamie Cade Formo Wyatt Daniel Renfrow
Amirea Shonae Marie Gibbs Angel Uriel Resendiz
Chrishaya Joanae Gilliam Michele Dawn Rhem
Brandy Jo Goddard Macy Reagan Riffle
Abigail Lugo Gonzalez Emily Hope Roscoe
Reyna Toribio Gonzalez Jisselle Tellez Salas
Cassie Leigh Harrell Mackenzie Marie Seymour
Karley Elizabeth Harris Kelly Marie Shea
Kennedy Lucinda Katherine Hawkins Crystal Monique Smith
James Hood Noah Steven Stewart
Kameko Juanita Howell Valentina Danielle Swain
Leanna Hope Hudson Catherine Marie Tankard
Calista Latham Jones Dylan Waters
Mariela Santos Juarez Andrew Bryce Whitaker
Madison Alissa Lanius Hannah Alisabeth Woods
Kenneth George LaRue Jr. Lily Grace Woolard
Makayla Rose Lerma Lindsey Kaitlyn Woolard

Serena Sullivan, VP of Institutional Advancement, recognized this year’s BCCC ambassadors (below, left to right with Sheri Powell, foundation coordinator): Brandi Keehnle, Taliyah Moore, Jacob Taylor, Elizabeth Bowen, and Kennedy Hawkins.

Dr. LaTonya Nixon, VP of Student Services, recognized the officers of the Student Government Association (below, left to right, with Antwan Horton, student engagement & inclusion coordinator on left and Dr. LaTonya Nixon, VP of student services on right): president Elizabeth Bowen, secretary Taylor Lootens, treasurer Skylar Roark, special populations Phelps Bennett, and public relations/historian Qynesha Howard.

Nixon also recognized the nominees for the Dallas Herring Achievement Award, Chelsie Griffin, and the Gov. Robert Scott Leadership Award, Nick Peele, who were recognized at an earlier event.

These students will all participate in Beaufort CCC’s Commencement/Graduation on May 10. Beaufort CCC congratulates them on their diligence and perseverance.